Twenty Minutes With Spring 2013

April 28, 2013
By Susan Allen

Got 20 minutes to sit down with our latest issue? Here’s how we’d suggest you spend it. Enjoy!

  • If you like to read with a cup of coffee in your hand, then a coffee-related story makes for a good place to start. One Year, $100, One Great Cup of Coffee profiles Nell Benton ’01, who bought a Milwaukee cafe for a single C-note and is 12 months into a thriving business. (3 mins)
  • Take a look at a couple of the new regular features we’ve introduced with our redesign. With Personally Speaking, we’ll invite a different faculty member each time to weigh in on – well, more or less anything that is on their mind! And, in Treasure, we’ll ask someone new each issue to talk about an object that is dear to their heart. Our curator of art kicks off this series. (4 mins)
  • It’s a good time to connect with science alums. Hear from Cheryl Vaughan ’92, who teaches at Harvard, and make a note to come back to Michael Foley ’84 in conversation. Foley is the director of the chemical biology platform for the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and he has a particularly interesting perspective on new approaches in drug discovery. (3 mins)
  • We’ve been tapping people like Vaughan and Foley for comment on new developments in science at St. Norbert. You may have heard that a new partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin is bringing a medical program to campus, and we have more in this piece. This remarkable news is actually just a sidebar to our cover story on Science for the Half-Century to Come – indicative of the rapid developments in science education at St. Norbert. (6 mins)
  • Remember Dudley Birder? Who doesn’t! Join us for this video retrospective of Mr. Music himself. (3 mins)
  • Skim through the rest of the magazine online and promise yourself you’ll stop by again soon. We want to teach you a new word, as we introduce you to a collector of  Praemonstratensia; offer a whole new way of looking at the world around you; take you down the timeline of our newest recital venue; even bring you lunch, courtesy of the alumin office! Our new-look online issue allows us to post new stories every week, so there’ll always be something new to connect you with the worldwide community of St. Norbert. (1 min)

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