A Video Comment on the Invisible Children Controversy

When I saw Invisible Children’s “Kony2012″ video, I was as surprised as anyone at the speed with which it went viral on social media. I was not surprised, however, at the response from those who are skeptical of Invisible Children’s strategies. And I was not surprised that many people who were initially so eager to help would just as easily feel foolish and disillusioned. It was for their sake that I made a short video at my desk, which I then posted on Facebook.

This is not a time for discouragement, but a time to marry the energy of Kony2012 with the experience of other organizations and persons on the ground—especially Ugandans themselves. So much good can come of this, provided we do not let disillusionment or frustration turn us aside.

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One Response to A Video Comment on the Invisible Children Controversy

  1. Susan Allen says:

    This is both wise and helpful, Bob. Thanks so much for posting.