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The Lay Community in Sayn

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  • Rosemary Sands

    I loved the tranquility of Sayn on the 2008 tour and was happy to see familiar faces on the video. May the dream of the Third Order Norbertines come true that Norbertines will one day inhabit the abbey again.

  • Julie Massey

    I’ve so enjoyed seeing the sites of abbeys I was able to visit three years ago, but I’m even more excited to get a glimpse of places like Sayn which I did not have a chance to see. Thanks for the updates!

  • william hyland

    A beautiful setting and a very significant and creative community experiment.

  • Linda Beane-Katner

    The Abbey at Sayn is being painstakingly restored by the Third Order Norbertines. It is located in this breathtaking valley. Seeing Raphael again in his habit reminds me of all the great work going on there. It is a true expression of communio, as we found in all the abbeys.