Advantages & Disadvantages
What is a CPM?
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Advantages & Disadvantages
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Advantages of Using a CPM

  • Helpful for scheduling, monitoring, and controlling projects
  • A project manager can determine actual dates for each activity and compare what should be happening to what is taking place and react accordingly
  • The activities and their outcomes can be shown as a network
  • Displays dependencies to help scheduling
  • Evaluates which activities can run parallel to each other
  • Determines slack and float times
  • Widely used in industry
  • Can define multiple, equally critical paths
  • CMP determines the project duration, which minimized the sum of direct and indirect costs

Disadvantages of Using a CPM

  • CPM's can be complicated, and complexity increases for larger projects
  • Does not handle the scheduling of personnel or the allocation of resources
  • The critical path is not always clear and needs to be calculated carefully
  • Estimating activity completion times can be difficult
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